The Best Essential Oils To Use For A Face Steam At Home

by Erin Sweeney August 10, 2020

The Best Essential Oils To Use For A Face Steam At Home

This content was updated for accuracy and relevance on November 11th, 2020

Want to know the best way to pamper your skin, clear away blemishes, and give your face that natural summer’s glow without spending a fortune on trips to the spa or expensive skincare products? 

Recently, facial steaming with essential oils has become all the rage. Steaming your face at home is an easy DIY way to treat yourself to the life of luxury without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

So, pour yourself some cucumber water, grab a clean towel, and let’s get to steaming!  


The Top Essential Oils For Face Steam 

Before we can dive into the benefits of steaming your face and how you can do it from home, let’s first review the most powerful and nourishing essential oils that you should add to your face steaming routine. 

For Dry Skin 

Dry skin typically occurs at certain times of the year or in arid climates. Some people naturally experience dry skin, whether due to age or decreased sebaceous gland activity. Top essential oils for dry skin include: 

  • Age Defy - Why not nourish your face and restore that youthful glow?  From a cellular level, Age Defy synergy blend reduces inflammation and helps sustain smoother, more radiant skin. It combines oils like Sandalwood and Frankincense essential oil that have been used throughout history for their beautifying benefits.

  • Soothe & Smooth – With the soothing and nourishing properties of Soothe & Smooth essential oil blend you can feel confident that you have amazing support for dry skin. It contains Lavender and other oils. Lavender has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory attributes that can help your skin hydrate and repair.

For Oily Skin 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, some people’s sebaceous glands are hyperactive, which creates excess face oil. The three H’s can make this worse—hormones, heat, and humidity. Nobody likes dealing with oily skin and although it may seem counterintuitive, there are oils you can put on your skin to reduce their oiliness. They include:

  • Rosemary Rosemary essential oil has analgesic properties and vital ingredients that can help prevent excess oil. 

  • Geranium Juniper Berry – The mix of properties in this Edens Garden synergy blend may help reduce breakouts to support your skin in maintaining a supple texture.

  • Clary Sage Clary Sage essential oil is one of the most popular oils for combating and controlling excess sebum production. It contains compounds like geranyl and linalyl acetate, which proactively helps combat oil overproduction. 


For Sensitive Skin Or Irritated Skin

If you have sensitive skin, allergies, blemishes, or other skin conditions, stick to oils that are nourishing and restorative. They can work wonders on your skin type without making things worse. Types of oils that are compatible with these skin problems include:

  • Sandalwood – Similar to lavender, sandalwood has anti-inflammatory properties and is a great moisturizer. It works well with all skin types , which is why it’s such a popular ingredient for men’s shaving creams, colognes, and face washes. 

  • Frankincense  – Frankincense CO2 is commonly used to help manage oily and acne-prone skin. Revitalizing and healing, it is a powerful skincare remedy that supports a brighter, more even complexion.  

Benefits of Facial Steaming

Steaming your face with essential oils can provide a variety of benefits to your skin, here’s why: 

  • It’s cleansing – Steaming causes your body to sweat. It opens up pores and purges toxins, dirt, and other impurities. Using this steaming technique can help clogged pores to give your skin an overall healthier glow. It also softens stubborn blackheads, making it easier to remove them. 

  • It’s soothing – Warm facial steam is a pleasant and relaxing experience. Throw in a few drops of the calming aromas of essential oils and you’ll soon enter a state of bliss. Peppermint oil is one of our favorites.

  • It releases acne-causing bacteria – Your skin naturally traps dirt, grime, and bacteria, which clog the pores and causes acne to form. Steaming helps unclog pores, thus reducing the frequency and severity of acne. 

  • It aids circulation – Hot steam dilates blood vessels and increases perspiration. This supports a healthy blood and oxygen flow throughout your circulatory system. 

  • It helps with sinus congestion – Face steams with essential oils are particularly helpful when you’re sick. Steam inhalation with oils like Eucalyptus and Lemon essential oil is a natural way you can help relieve the symptoms of a cold or cough. 

  • It frees trapped sebum – When oil is trapped in your skin, it causes bacteria to form. This in turn causes acne and blackheads to take root. The warm steam helps the sebaceous glands to open up and flow naturally.  

DIY Face Steam Recipe

So, how do you turn your home into a mini day spa? It couldn’t be easier than with an at-home steam treatment. Just follow these steps:  

  • Step 1 – Give your face a quick clean using a soft exfoliator. This will help relax and prepare your skin for the steam treatment. 

  • Step 2 – Pick a location where you will be steaming your face. Since the process takes 5 to 10 minutes, find a spot where you can be comfy.   

  • Step 3 – Put water on the stove and bring it up to a boil. If you’re using herbs, you can toss them in and stir the pot then cover. 

  • Step 4 – Bring the pot down to a simmer and pour into a heat-safe bowl.  

  • Step 5 – Add your essential oils. To start, try 1 drop of Lavender and 1 drop of Rose. Use two drops at most. 

  • Step 6 – Sit in front of a table and place the bowl on a table in front of you. Shutting your eyes, place your head over the bowl. Take a towel and cover your head as well as the bowl. This will lock in the steam. 

  • Step 7 – Sit for 5 to 10 minutes deeply and slowly inhaling then exhaling. 

That’s all there is to skin revitalization! If you want, feel free to try other combinations of skin nourishing essential oils like Neroli, Sandalwood, Patchouli, or Skin Love synergy blend.  

Steam Your Face at Home With Edens Garden Essential Oils 

Now that you know more about the best essential oils for face steaming, why go to the spa when there is a much cheaper and easier way to enhance your skincare routine? DIY facial steaming is a fast and affordable way to clean your face, soothe your spirit, and relax your body. Our aromatherapy options at Edens Garden makes skin care easy and fun. Pamper yourself and give your skin a warm and healthy glow with Edens Garden essential oils for skin today! 

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